Your donation to the Ebby Halliday Foundation will go directly to WiNGS at Ebby’s Place. WiNGS walks alongside women on their personal journey of change - providing them guidance and skills through programs focused on financial literacy, one-on-one financial coaching, and healthcare and developmental support for first-time moms and their babies.

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Ebby Halliday was doing the work of WiNGS before she even knew about WiNGS, a 112-year-old organization, formerly the YWCA. Her greatest satisfaction came from having a direct economic impact on so many women. Serving as an Ebby sales agent launched hundreds of careers, often for women who had limited options.

One such example is the story of Dorothy Killebrew. Bankers would often send widows who had never been employed outside the home to visit with Ebby. Dorothy, a widow of a Texas Instruments Inc. manager, had six children and no work skills.

Ebby invited her to come and sit at her desk for 30 days and go with her on listings and showings to teach her all she knew.

When Dorothy made her first sale, she called Ebby in the evening so excited. Ebby said, ‘Dorothy, do you have it signed on both ends?’ And she said, ‘Well, no.’ Ebby said, ‘Remember what I told you — to never let the sun go down until you had both signatures?’ And Dorothy said, ‘Yes, Ebby, but it’s dark outside.’ Years later, she remembered Ebby’s answer, ‘The sun is shining somewhere.’

Dorothy was able to send all six of her children to college by being an agent with the firm. That story can be multiplied thousands of times, and is why Ebby enthusiastically supported WiNGS until her passing.

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