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The Ebby Halliday Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of members both from within the Ebby Halliday Companies and members independent of the company. The Board of Trustees is assisted by an Advisory Council made up of representatives from those that work for the Ebby Halliday Companies. 60% of monies raised over the course of the year are allocated to the office or department from which the voluntary donations were made and that group, led by their Advisory Council member(s), makes recommendations for worthy recipient organizations. With Board approval, these recommendations result in donations to hundreds of worthy area charities.


The remaining 40% of funds raised each year are subject to grant decisions made by the Board of Trustees. It is the Board’s goal to use the monies for the greatest possible impact in the North Texas area, oftentimes donating to recipient organizations in geographic areas where the need is great but no sales office exists. In addition, Board donations may be made to sponsor events which result in three to four times the original grant money being raised for the recipient organization.


Grant applications must use the Ebby Halliday Foundation official grant application. Receipt of proposals will not be acknowledged.


The eventual disposition of these funds is in part based on recommendations forwarded by members of our Advisory Council from the various offices and departments to our independent Board of Trustees.

Grants are initially reviewed by the Director’s office, then submitted to an Executive Committee for review and approval (the Executive Committee meets quarterly), and then submitted to the Board of Trustees for final approval.


Approximately 60% of the monies collected by The Ebby Halliday Foundation are distributed by grants made by recommendation of our Advisory Committee and the other 40% at the direction of our Board of Trustees.


An applicant may forward proof of their current 501(c)(3) status and literature describing their organization’s mission as consistent with The Ebby Halliday Foundation.


An applicant does not and will not knowingly provide financial support or other resources to any entity to further unlawful acts of violence or terrorism.


All proposals are given careful consideration.

Grant Making Criteria and Priorities


Applicants need to complete the official Grant Application Form and budget for the project in which the requested funds will be used.


Applicants are required to list exactly what the money will be used towards. Our mission: We are committed to addressing the needs of women and children who suffer financial needs or distress resulting from catastrophic events in their lives.


Recipients are required to submit the provided Ebby Halliday Foundation final progress report and financial accounting report of funds awarded by the Ebby Halliday Foundation (for grants of $10,000 or less, a copy of the Annual Report will serve as a grant report).


As a general rule, the Board of Trustees funds are not used to purchase tickets, tables, ads or sponsorships.

Not Eligible Organizations


The Ebby Halliday Foundation may support educational or social service programs of faith-based organizations; however, we do not grant funds to:

  • Church functions

  • Political organizations

  • Animal organizations

  • Media and journalism organizations

  • Government entities

  • For-profit organizations

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